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Suteki’s story is one of inspiration, fortitude and a genuine intrepid spirit. Suteki is based in Yokohama, Japan, with offices around the world—all with a smart approach to designing environments that embrace cross-cultural design, comfort and a lifestyle centered around wellness. Suteki’s premiere home designs, made mostly of wood, draw from its expertise in the timber industry. Suteki’s parent company, Nice Corporation, was established in 1950 as Japan was rebuilding in the aftermath of World War II. Suteki now emerges a global leader in green building with its commitment to sustainable living and high style.

building a bright future

powerbuild: strength & stability

The Power Build construction system is a key feature of every Suteki Home and is designed to provide strength and stability when building a home. Inspired by the old Japanese earthquake-proof building systems, the Power Build housing frame consists of glue laminated wooden beams, connected by carbon steel fittings inside the wood. During the construction process, no nuts or bolts are used to connect the wood, eliminating the risk of any loose fittings and creating a weak spot in your home. The wooden beams and posts are cut within the factory and assembled on site, ensuring an easy and quick assembly process.

Stronger construction

The Power Build System has taken Japan’s traditional timber framework construction method to a new level. This unique system rationalizes and strengthens timber frame joinery, which has to date been seen as the weak point of wooden housing.

Quick, uniform and precise

The Power Build System makes it easy to build highly precise structures. The system itself is indeed simple. Special metal joints are installed in the beams and pillars, and drift pins are then inserted to fix the joints.

Superior Earthquake Resistance

Our highly efficient process ensures there are no framework discrepancies at the building site, and the safety performance built-in into the design drawing remains unaltered through the construction stage.

Architecturally Designed

Our homes have been collaboratively designed by highly respected Japanese and Australia architects, adapting Japanese style, precision and design philosophies for the Australian environment.

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