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Suteki Home is committed to building new homes in the Newcastle/Hunter area that reimagine modern suburban living. New Suteki homes will be strong, sustainable and as aesthetically beautiful as they are comfortably livable— with bright, generously proportioned spaces that allow families to live well—for life. Look for the Suteki Home display houses opening soon in Cameron Grove.

a new vision lor the suburban lifestyle

home designs

We are measured and meticulous in our designs. We take the time to determine the perfect positioning of the home to capture the sunlight, and placement of windows to maximize the natural airflow. We have carefully selected insulation to reduce the amount of energy used to keep your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

modern form and function

Suteki 26

The Suteki 26 follows the philosophy of bringing the outside in. The home features an open layout design with spacious rooms–allowing a peaceful flow of energy throughout the house.

The Suteki 26 design is a luxury living space crafted for good health and well-being through its ...

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Luxury Living

Suteki 28

The Suteki 28 boasts an elegant style. Designed with Japanese precision this home makes the most of the block with a meticulously efficient use of space.

The Suteki 28 is a luxury living space crafted for good health and well-being through its integrity and strength.

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feel the difference

A SmartWellness Home uses eco-friendly technologies to create a healthy, safe and relaxing environment.

  • Ventilation and airflow
  • Quality insulation
  • Open Spaces
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • High percentage of wooden materials to reduce humidity, dust and allergens.


strength and precision


PowerBuild is a new framing system developed by the Nice Group and a key feature of every Suteki Home. Designed to withstand earthquakes, the PowerBuild System is precisely sized for accuracy, strength and stability.


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